How to get noticed by buyers

The majority of buyers received more than 50 e-mails per day from new suppliers. That’s an outlandish number. How do you get noticed? Here are three real-life effective tips.

Make the potential clear
Buyers and category managers receive flat presentations far too often. In these, businesses present themselves with all kinds of information about sales, volumes, production sites and products. However, the buyers are unaware of the success of these products. Why would they clear shelf space (or a place in the catalogue) for your product if they are unaware of the opportunities? Show them who you’re doing business with, how your product is positioned, how it rotates and the sales potential and (indicative) margins on offer.

Bottom up
We are regularly told that buyers doubt whether this product is suitable for their market. On the face of it they are enthusiastic, but they still have doubts. If the organisation has members or franchisees then there’s always the opportunity to speak with them directly. It’s an intensive route with potential. The members and franchisees can often influence the buyer considerably. Once you have a number of parties behind you, that can be used to strengthen Tip 1 and the pressure can be increased to be included centrally. Long distances can be covered by taking small steps.

Call, call and call again
If a stylish presentation which shows the business potential does not immediately yield results and the franchisees do not jump at the opportunity quickly then it’s a question of persistence. Keep in contact and guide yourself on the basis of agreements and specific requests towards what is required for achieving collaboration. A moment will come when you as a business are more than just a name. Confidence has grown and the threshold becomes increasingly lower, so the door is open to collaboration.