Healthy People and Innovation: A never-ending story

Joost de Bruijne (DGA Healthy People) on product innovation

“When visiting clients I say with a certain amount of pride that we spend 50% of our time on innovation. As a ‘small’ business it’s the only way for us to outsmart our competition, and it’s not just any competition we are up against. We compete against large multinationals including Coca Cola, Campina and Unilever. In addition, we have hundreds of thousands of ‘critical’ consumers that are our customers. Innovation is not therefore intended to be a magic spell, but a very straightforward and specific process. It’s more about what’s between your ears than heaps of market research.”

A few tips from the Healthy People kitchen:

  • Every store visit, both at home and abroad, forms a source of inspiration.
  • Read and monitor all newsletters concerning ingredients and food production.
  • Talk to your suppliers: they are your best friends when it comes to innovation. Your suppliers are often very much aware at what’s happening and they can help you. They are more than just a creditor!
  • Don’t do market research: this results in mediocrity and the greatest common denominator and no customer is waiting for that!
  • Base things on yourself: what you think is handy, inexpensive, tasty or beautiful is often the same as what other people think.

Joost de Bruijne
DGA Healthy People