No client or market is the same, that’s why we develop a bespoke strategy for every client. We’d like to show you how our approach achieves real results on the basis of 9 different case studies.



A well-known private label ice cream producer from North Brabant wanted to increase its number of contacts and business abroad. The primary focus for this was on German-speaking countries with the Retail channel as the key area. Export Partner set to work in November 2014 arranging introductions in both German-speaking countries and in Scandinavian countries. We started the acquisition phase after organising a business presentation. We approached all retailers in these countries. Appointments were quickly made with a number of major retailers in Germany and Austria following an effective introduction phase, after which the first quotes were dispatched. In 2015 this resulted in seasonal inclusion with two major German retailers and a permanent listing with a German and an Austrian retailer. These successes resulted in substantial sales. Even today we are still expanding the network and generating further new business on a daily basis.



A large Dutch-based snack producer wanted to conquer the German market. The client wished to focus on three different product ranges: Dutch snacks (order region), international range (the whole of Germany) and private label (the whole of Germany). However, we had to play catch-up. The competition already had control of a substantial share of the market, certainly in the border region. German businesses are also very loyal to their suppliers. But the go-getter wins! After a year of investing in the relationship, clear substantiation of the potential of our client’s product range, mobilisation of franchisees and branch managers, as well as listening well and continuing to enquire at the head office about what was needed for developing a partnership, we managed to succeed in achieving major inclusion. This has helped our client to now become the market leader and we have turned a catch-up situation into a leading position. The client has since expanded and supplies a large range of snacks. This has strengthened our client’s position and clout, as a result of which business with competitors has moved up a gear and our client is now supplying the major supermarkets, successfully participating in tenders and developing customer-specific products.



In Scandinavia we have managed to establish contracts with leading retailers for a large Dutch patisserie. A long but ultimately successful project! However, profit can also be generated in other ways and for this patisserie we also managed to secure a contract with a German producer which is the market leader in the German foodservice channel with its products. The German customer purchases products on the basis of guaranteed sales and volumes and has thus become an exclusive sales partner. If you can’t beat them, join them and this once again proves that all roads lead to Rome.



We have opened up the Asian market for a manufacturer of bake-off dough products. The client wanted to sell frozen bake-off dough products and biscuits into the retail sector, so we attended fairs in Asia. What really helped us was good preparation. Before the fairs started we had already introduced ourselves to parties with potential interest and did so in a way that really appealed in the Asian culture. We call that smart enterprise; ‘sales’ without actively selling!



A successful fair is often a good start when setting up an export project. For a producer of organic fine pesto and tapenades we managed to secure the first 3 customers immediately after the BIOFACH fair. By being very active at the fair, our team was able to secure a number of high-quality leads. With an efficient and effective follow up, which incidentally many businesses fail to do, we implemented many steps simultaneously and accelerated the ‘process’. Today, the major foodservice and cash & carry players are coming on board one by one and sales are therefore growing constantly.



An international award-winning producer of goat’s cheese wanted to sell its products into the foodservice sector in Germany and France. Compared to normal cheese, goat’s cheese is a niche product. Consequently, distribution appeared to form a bottleneck, so we immediately sought a ‘master distributor’ who in turn supplies to the foodservice sector. After all, a master distributor is able to handle greater volume and it’s easier as regards logistics and the associated costs, plus it’s more profitable. And this has succeeded! Following long negotiations about the price and validity of this, we managed to conclude a long-term deal with guaranteed input and result (minimum volumes). With regard to price, the price of goat’s cheese is heavily dependent on the fluctuating price of goat’s milk. So how do you prevent both parties being exposed to excessive risk from this? By indexing the price independently and making clear agreements about what level is acceptable. You can only achieve that if you have ‘connected’ with the customer to such an extent that both parties are open and frank about the risks and how you can work together to minimise those risks to the satisfaction of both parties. A clear win-win situation!



For Europe’s largest smokehouse producing smoked mackerel we have successfully provided tendering support for several years. Despite strong competition for this product from Eastern Europe we have still managed to generate sales of tens of thousands of consumer packs throughout Germany every month. Following successful participation in year 1, the volume and sales grew even further in year 2 because of confidence in our client as a supplier has grown (due to dealing very effectively with requests and notifications).



Perhaps the world’s largest producer of irresistibly delicious cheesecakes is coming to Europe. We were honoured to be chosen to find the right partners for servicing the foodservice and retail sectors in each country. The European organisation is small, so the search was on for importers with a strong network in their own country and channel in place to serve scores of customers directly in each country. That was an objective the American company had been unable to achieve until they engaged us. Our strategy was clear. Approach the customers of the importers (bottom-up approach) to accelerate the mobilisation of importers and to strengthen our client’s position. In no time at all we had secured the first importer and we are currently finalising details with several importers in other countries.



Sometimes a party comes along that can reinvigorate a product category with its product or even create an entirely new category. That was the case with this company, which in our opinion really makes the most delicious fresh and long-life mayonnaise and dressings in the Netherlands! Aim: conquer Germany. With the right pitch and our detailed knowledge of German retailers (and buyers) we knew how to strike the right chord to achieve initial responses, with a view to achieving structural listings. They key in this case was to harness the power of innovation to the maximum and combine it with knowing precisely (through experience) who it appeals to.